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The answers to your tough modern medical challenges, all in one book, Dr. G’s Well Now!, “Today’s Comprehensive Health & Wellness Guide”

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The authoritative health advice offered in the following books is not meant to replace advice from medical professionals. Please seek the appropriate professional regarding your physical or psychological concerns or conditions.

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Topics Covered in the Book

Well Now! contains the tools you need to get to the root of your health problems and solve them.

Understanding You and Your Health

Come on! Be honest with yourself! Dr G. will help you see your health bias, fears, stresses and other roadblocks to your health.

Building Strong Healthcare Relationships

Dr. Gaziano will help you find that one simpatico health care provider and build your own health care dream team.

Being and Staying Well

Well Now! will show how to effectively research your symptoms and conditions online, how to best handle medical emergencies and reward yourself for health well done.

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What Our Readers Are Saying

“Well Now! is a compelling book that takes you in a few different directions; a personal journey for yourself, a step-by-step guide to your personal, ultimate health, coupled with a history and in-depth analysis of our healthcare system and how to navigate through it. Dr. G literally gives you the “cliff notes” on how to hold your doctors and hospital administrators accountable, while navigating through the healthcare system, allowing you to save time, headaches and money. A great book for anyone looking for a way to understand how to maneuver through our healthcare system, while reaching and maintain their ultimate health and happiness goals. Brilliant!”

Ira Bey

Tech Entrepreneur

“I loved the book. It helped me open my eyes and take time for myself to work on myself. I have felt busy and overwhelmed over the past few years and lots of stress. My health has suffered because of this and he has helped me to redirect my focus to my health and myself, which in turn, allowed me to relieve my stresses and manage my life and business, save time, accomplish more because of my increased energy. Thanks Dr. G, you changed my life!

Rose Olsen

Real Estate Developer

““Well Now!” is a Blueprint of wellness that can give millions the piece of mind for their longevity! Dr D has taken his lifework and experience and packaged it up as an ongoing present to pay it forward for all. I say “Well Done to Well Now!”…”

Steven G Harris

Founder/Owner of stevegharrispro
Former NFL Player/Pro-Athlete
Master Professional Personal Trainer
American Gladiator Winner

““Well Now!” is a Blueprint of wellness that can give millions the piece of mind for their longevity! Dr D has taken his lifework and experience and packaged it up as an ongoing present to pay it forward for all. I say “Well Done to Well Now!”…”

Paul Dobransky, M.D.


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About the Author

Dominic Gaziano, M.D.

Dr. Gaziano – or Dr. G as his patients know him – has been in the trenches of American healthcare since completing his internal medicine residency, two immensely tumultuous decades. He is a relentless advocate for his diverse community of inner city patients. As director of Body and Mind Medical Center in Chicago, he brings together holistic, researched-based therapeutic strategies from both eastern and western medicine. He regularly gives lectures, seminars and destination retreats on resilience and stress management. Dr. G believes that your doctor can help you on your journey of self-health and happiness by helping you understand how your life stresses impact your life and health. Dr. Gaziano has authored 2 books, “Feel Good Health”, a seasonal health and wellness tips guide and “Well Now!”, a more comprehensive strategy for your self health as well as Dr G’s insight in dealing with various healthcare systems challenges.

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2222 W. Division Street, Suite 110
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